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Рынок взрывозащищенных кондиционеров в Китае

Рынок взрывозащищенных кондиционеров в Китае

This summer is not smooth over! Summer should be the season of sales of explosion-proof air conditioning, however, the overall market was significantly weaker, a bit like the property market,  "Golden September Silver Ten" in the history of the most severe regulation of the same state. Although occasional orders, but this year's turmoil in explosion-proof air-conditioning is very large, not as good as the peak sales season in previous years, workers day and night overtime. In order to stabilize the market situation of explosion-proof air-conditioners, we urgently need to address and solve the current problems.


In the years of vigorous development, China's explosion-proof air-conditioning technology has achieved no small effect, in particular, explosion-proof electrical industry with the development of the coal industry has entered a period of steady and rapid development. For the current state of the market, flammable and explosive office environment with the basic needs of explosion-proof air conditioning.


In the rapid development of explosion-proof electrical industry at the same time, explosion-proof air conditioners also keep pace with the times. Explosion-proof air conditioners face the following problems in view of sales status of this summer: lack of external demand, overcapacity and rising labor costs. What are the factors that cause these problems?


An innovation is the last word. At present, there are still a few enterprises in our country that have independent R & D strength in explosion-proof air-conditioners. However, most of them are small-sized enterprises that have no innovative ability. Even some small-sized companies do not even have basic technical staff. It is also these enterprises that do not have the ability to innovate that have led to the instability of the explosion-proof air-conditioners market and the lack of strong competitive chips in the international market.


Second, enterprises are not focused. The number of manufacturers of explosion-proof air conditioners is still a lot of the country, but many manufacturers are slapstick, in terms of production management is very weak. There are too many explosion-proof manufacturing enterprises scattered, not focused on the promotion of mutual promotion.


Three market demand is shrinking. The domestic market is getting smaller and smaller, there are still new explosion-proof air-conditioners to join the production of foreign markets to open up difficulties and lack of demand. Explosion-proof air-conditioning needs to expand the market and application range to be able to ensure the stability of the entire industry.


Looking at the development of China's explosion-proof air-conditioning, despite the shortcomings and challenges, but the development prospects are still bright. Based on the current macro-background, the process of economic recovery of explosion-proof air conditioning may be longer, so the upgrade without delay.

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