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Взрывобезопасный электрический дух вступает в эпоху качества

Взрывобезопасный электрический дух вступает в эпоху качества

YITONG conducted an examination to upgrade technical knowledge recently, during which we discussed the important decision of adhering to the spirit of craftsman -- to create explosion-proof electrical products belonging to YITONG brand, leading the development of explosion-proof electrical industry in China into the Quality Era.

To YITONG,the craftsman spirit is not only an altitude to explosion-proof electric products, but also a kind of self requirement and exception.and it is also a promise to the customers,an inheritance of corporate culture and a professional ethics of an industry leader.A craftsman should be dedicated to the career and the quality.YITONG focus on polish each explosion-proof electric product until to the extreme for customers.As a craftsman,he should inheritate the tradition but not limited by it,and he should bring forth the new by taking its essence.  YITONG focus on integrity and commitment,and treat the quality of the brand as life and will not compromise for anything; YITONG people prefer to abandon impetuous to submerge in the thing .For us, dedication is about everything.

Not only does YITONG adhere to the spirit of artisans, but the entire explosion-proof electrical industry and other industries are inseparable from the spirit of artisans. From the small level of technical research and development, workshop production, service improvement and other micro-level quality improvement, to the supply-side structural reform, the real economy revitalization, the innovation-driven implementation of macro-strategy, can not be separated from the support of the craftsman spirit. Although the strength of a single craftsman is small, when a country and a nation come to cultivate the artisan culture and admire the craftsman spirit, they all build the brand of products and enterprises with the spirit of artisans, and gradually emerged numerous "Chinese craftsmen" and craftsmen. Enterprises can create a "Chinese brand" that is well-known and create a "Chinese Impression" that shines brightly!

The soul of quality is ingenuity. After more than ten years of development, Nanyang Yitong Explosion-Proof Electric Co., Ltd. is waiting for the return of craftsmanship. The spirit of craftsmanship is the need for an explosion-proof to meet the quality era and to enter the transformation and upgrading period.

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