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Как воспользоваться возможностью проанализировать взрывозащищенные

Explosion-proof cameras in China so many years along the road, the technology has been very mature, the variety is quite complete. Especially since the reform and opening up introduced a lot of foreign advanced technology, explosion-proof cameras go hand in hand with the quality and technology. In the normal operation of the industry, domestic explosion-proof camera has been fully meet all requirements, both in terms of functionality or reliability is not worse than any "imported goods", and some products can even completely replace the explosion-proof cameras abroad. Explosion-proof camera technology in our country with the ever-changing circumstances how we should seize the opportunity?

First, there must be no end to existing achievements. To continue to seek technological breakthroughs, especially in the structural aspects have to be improved, make its performance safe, reliable, beautiful appearance, practical.

Second, the new product is the source of life of the enterprise, to ensure that new products in the technology has taken a higher level. Unruly business is eating the capital, can not keep up the pace of the times will be eliminated sooner or later!

Third, today's society is a society in which science and technology are rapidly developing. New technologies are constantly being introduced. In the field of electrical appliances, remote control, telemetry, telecontrol and communication functions have been completed. Explosion-proof cameras can do a great deal of work in this area to make the explosion-proof cameras make new progress in this field of control.

In this new period of development, enterprises should greatly enhance the technology, quality, structure, performance and appearance of our explosion-proof camera products before this very favorable opportunity. In particular, we will phase out a number of manufacturing enterprises and products that are backward in technology and of low quality, enhance industry management and strengthen the supervision of technical quality, in combination with the issuance of production licenses for explosion-proof electrical products that are about to start. China's explosion-proof camera products will be the rapid development.

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