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Yitong Патентной работа

A patent is an invention created and protected by law and regulation. It refers to a patent application filed by an invention to a state examination and approval authority. After being examined and approved according to law, it is granted to the patent applicant for the exclusive use of the invention within the stipulated time.

A patent is an exclusive right that has exclusive exclusivity. In order for a non-patent to use other people's patented technology, the patentee must obtain the consent or permission of the patentee.

The legal protection of patent rights is time-sensitive. The duration of patents for inventions in China is 20 years, and the duration of patents for utility models and design patents is 10 years, counting from the date of filing. China's patent law divides patents into three types, namely inventions, utility models and designs. The patentee is required to pay an annual fee as required. The state has certain support policies for patent applications (such as patent incentive policies issued by the government and high-tech enterprise policies), which will give some policy and economic assistance.

Nanyang Yitong Explosion-Proof Electric Co., Ltd. has applied for patent application since 2009. So far, there have been 23 inventions, utility models and designs. Among them, there are 20 utility models, 1 invention patent, 1 design patent and 1 book.

In 2017, the company attached great importance to the patent application work and issued corresponding incentive measures to encourage everyone's enthusiasm for applying for patents. As of July, a total of 6 utility models were declared, including 2 HVAC companies, 2 instrumentation divisions, and 2 cabinet divisions. The fee has been paid and the authorization process has begun.

In the second half of 2017, the company's application work is proceeding in an orderly manner. It is hoped that all departments will actively cooperate and carry out this work in a consistent manner.

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