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Игнорирование взрывозащищенной камеры видеонаблюдения будет опасным

On Feb. 8, 2017, the Chinese New Year was supposed to be drawing to a close amid celebrations. At this time of Anhui Tongling city has taken place a "A firework feast",It is known that in the publication of the 2015 annual corporate environmental credit evaluation results of tongling city, the environmental protection bureau of Tongling city evaluated the 2015 annual environmental behavior of 126 non-state-controlled enterprises in the city and district, and Tongling Hengxing Chemical Co., ltd. was listed among 89 enterprises with good environmental protection.So why would an environmentally sound company cause an explosion?Is it a lack of vision or a daily oversight?

Why are the Oxford University designers convinced that it is not just the magnificent buildings but their unusual vision.

In 1985, it was discovered that the 350-year-old auditorium of Oxford University had serious security problems. Upon inspection, the 20 beams of the auditorium have been weathered and decayed and need to be replaced immediately. Each beam is made of huge oak, and in order to maintain the 350-year history of the auditorium, it must be replaced with oak.

It was not easy to find 20 huge oak trees at that time, or it might be possible to find them, but each oak would cost at least $250,000. This makes Oxford University unable to do anything. At this time, the campus gardening agency reported that 350 years ago, the architects of the auditorium had already considered that the future generations would face such a dilemma. In the same year, the gardeners were asked to plant a large number of oak trees on the school land. Now, each one The size of the oak is sufficient to meet the needs of the replacement beam. People can't help but respect the designers 350 years ago. It is because of their vision that they solve the problems of future generations.

In the petroleum, chemical, mine, military, pharmaceutical, oil depot, ship, drilling platform, gas station, fireworks production, grain processing and storage industries, the slogan "safe production", "safety first" and so on has already put everyone's ears Grind out a thick layer of tweezers. It is important to avoid daily neglect in controlling daily work, but having a vision will certainly prevent it from happening! Explosion-proof work has always been the primary task in these industries, and some equipment involved in explosion-proof work must be strictly controlled, naturally The explosion of the Tongling Chemical Plant in Anhui Province was avoided to the greatest extent.

The monitoring system is the eye of the flammable and explosive industry, and the choice of surveillance cameras must be carefully considered. The price of an explosion-proof camera can be seen on the market much higher than that of an ordinary camera with the same parameters, mainly because the cost of an explosion-proof camera is higher than that of a normal camera. Moreover, many engineers do not have much knowledge of explosion-proof cameras, so naturally there is no need to spend so much money. Of course, this is a far-sighted mistake. Therefore, when purchasing by users or engineers, it is necessary to emphasize the characteristics and necessity of explosion-proof cameras and guide them to look at explosion-proof equipment.

The medical school pays attention to“ Junchen Zuoshi”(From the perspective of multi-drug use, the status of each drug in the prescription and the change of sexual effect after compatibility), which is also very suitable in the explosion-proof industry. For example, there is only one camera with excellent explosion-proof performance, but it is not equipped with the corresponding explosion-proof equipment, which can not exert the expected explosion-proof effect. For example, it is not an explosion-proof pan/tilt, or the transmission wire is exposed, etc., which may present a safety hazard. Really far-sighted people will naturally consider these factors, and then consult the explosion-proof manufacturer professionals to develop a complete explosion-proof facility to achieve the expected explosion-proof effect, rather than in the event of an accident or in the event of an accident. The embarrassment of the rain.

There is a saying in the saying: People have no long-term care, and there must be near worries. The same is true for companies! Not only chemical plants that have exploded, but also flammable and explosive industries that are scattered around the world. The once-explosive incident is not only an alarm, but always reminds the flammable and explosive industry to maintain a vision, and use explosion-proof equipment as much as possible to protect the work and production!

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