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Взрывобезопасный внешний вид шкафа - электрополис

The purpose of the explosion-proof cabinet polishing is to obtain a smooth surface or mirror gloss, and also to eliminate the original luster of the material surface.

Mechanical polishing usually uses a polishing wheel made of multi-layer canvas, felt or leather as a polishing tool, and the rim is coated with a polishing agent uniformly mixed with fine powder abrasive and grease. When polishing, the polishing wheel rotates at a high speed. Pressing the workpiece to the workpiece causes the abrasive to roll and micro-cut on the surface of the workpiece, thereby obtaining a bright processed surface, and the surface roughness is generally up to Ra 0.63 to 0.01 μm.

Due to the different appearances of the explosion-proof cabinet products, the automatic operation mode of mechanical polishing is limited, and the product is mostly man-made during polishing; in addition, there are many particles of dust during polishing, and the polishing environment is relatively harsh. Under the leadership of Zheng Wei, the members of the instrumentation division made self-made polishing equipment to overcome many difficulties. After polishing some of the explosion-proof cabinet products, the appearance can be comparable with the domestic first-class explosion-proof cabinet products, and the customers are unanimously recognized. Also give praise and praise.

The appearance of the explosion-proof cabinet product gives the customer the first impression, and the quality of the quality creates a reputation. The instrumentation division will continue to advance on the road of improving product appearance and improving product quality, and strive to create an explosion-proof specialty product.

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